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History watch company BISSET

History watch company BISSET

Company Bisset Watches LTD is located in the city Lengnau ( Switzerland ) . Company was founded in 1927. The initial focus of the company was production of spare parts for movements and the production of rubies for movements.
At the moment , a strong corporation with the support of CHARMEX , Bisset Watches LTD company took the design and manufacture their own watches.
Watches BISSET differ from anything with design and style.

Since 1998, under the name BISSET , we bring the Bisset products on the international market.

BISSET company is a company that manufacturers and advertising companies simultaneously. Because of the dynamic processes in production , we managed that our prices are competitive.
Currently, we use the most modern production methods and bold design solutions that are based on the basis of 3D graphics to . We are very happy to participate in this huge collision of modern digital technology. And in the hot phase of reorganization , we participate in the formation of a new type of wrist watches as pieces of art , which keeps 150 -year tradition.

The modern world - a world of aesthetic visual perception. Best technical products must be designed artistically to highlight all its functional benefits and allow the user to interact with a real aesthetic craft.
The modern world is a world of aesthetic visual perception. Best technical products must be designed artistically to highlight all its functional benefits and allow the user to be interacting with a real aesthetic craft.
A high degree of aesthetic education and innate artistic skills of designers and executives allowed to work in the rarefied world of fashion. The awareness of the boundaries between aesthetics and functionality , the interaction of these two aspects and contradictions between the sense of aesthetics and product functionality , allows to create real leadership on the design effort .

From the battle of ideas of marketing and professionals in the field of style and fashion is a picture of this criticism of the service of technical and technological departments where strict scientists find discrepancies of design and technology. And only on the source of the three forces , aesthetics, pragmatic and mechanics with the electronic version , there is a finite of the virtual design.
And this is only a preliminary , pre-press, which is offered the product in detail to determine if our watches are someone like whether they are practical to use , and whether they can be successful on the market!
The dynamics of the development of modern enterprise that deals with watch industry provides an immediate improvement in accordance with the latest technological advances , reduce production costs and makes it easier to solve production problems . As a result, we can achieve a high efficiency in improving the manufacture and design . This helps us to achieve perfect results in quality and accuracy in the final stages of development of the watch and allows us to constantly follow all the fashion news
Without the best strategic decisions in production, we would be led to stagnation , which is slowly condemned almost immovable changes . The correct organization of production is an important factor that . , The Company's ability to market No matter what technical or organizational difficulties may arise , they are directly related to the results of trade and only the latest technological advances make it possible to continuously improve the quality of the watch , while good organization allows for continuous development.
The watches , which is manufactured by our company are equipped with movements such as Ronda , Eta , Isa . These companies set the standards and quality of the international movement mechanisms.
Reliable and proven design movements , advanced by Swiss engineers, for many years, has no analogues in the world , and innovative technological solutions are much higher than its competitors.
If you have any questions about our products solutions , if any technical service makes you curious, or have doubts , do not hesitate to ask your questions .